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Episode 161: Flawless Victory, Scooby Doo!

January 30, 2019

We are back from PAX this week and talk about the things we played there. In the news realm, we discuss Nintendo restarting development on Metroid Prime 4, a bunch of movies in 2020, and a Resident Evil series greenlit by Netflix.




Metroid Prime 4 Starting Over


Shaggy In Mortal Kombat


Nintendo Not Working On Other Versions or Price Cuts For Switch







Morbius Set For July 2020 w/ Matt Smith


Ghostbusters Set for 2020


Aquaman Will get a sequel, Wonder Woman 3 Will Be Modern Day, First Look at Birds of Prey






Agents of Shield Season 6 Clark Gregg


Resident Evil Netflix Show In The Works


Titans Will Introduce Deathstroke, Ravenger and Jericho.



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