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Episode 163: A Few Bricks Short of a Lego Batman

February 13, 2019

Shelley is hosting the show this week as L.J. fills in for the TV news! We talk about Apex Legends, the new Aladdin trailer, and the cancellation of Into The Badlands on this week's episode. 






Apex Legends hit 25 MILLION players in a WEEK


Hi-Rez calls on Sony to “Stop Playing Favorites”,


MGS Movie Director has played Death Stranding. Says it’s “Next-level immaculate” 






New Aladdin trailer


Lego Movie 2 had worse opening weekend than Lego Batman


Terminator 6 working title revealed by James Cameron - “Terminator: Dark Fate”






Into the Badlands ending with Season 3


Doom Patrol gets a new trailer

Marvel and Hulu team up for new animated shows



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